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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, usually available on the same or the next day.

Yes, bulk billed for eligible children.

Yes, we can help with diet and oral hygiene instructions.

Early detection of dental caries and gum disease.

As fluoride is not added to Rockhampton’s water supply, we would recommend this: *Click here to read more about fluoride treatments*

No, the need for x-rays will be assessed by the dentist at each exam appointment.

Diet, brushing twice daily and flossing each night are things that can all help with the health of your teeth.

You are not cleaning nearly half of the surface area of your teeth. Other aides are helpful. Your Dentist can advise.

Eventually your teeth will loosen and become troublesome.

Yes, in most cases gaps can be closed.

We can provide diagnostic assessment, but we believe most orthodontic treatment is best performed by a specialist orthodontist.

Are there any other questions?